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"Azm-ü Sebat was founded at Söke by Osman Bey around 1930’s which was produced first animal drawn plough in Turkey. After 1960 the company started to continue production process with new products az Azim Ziraat Aletleri that was managing by Faris UYGUNTÜZEL. Turkish farmer met cotton seed sowing machine, disc harrow, rotary plough, rotating land leveling blade, scraper and fertilizer spreader which are domestic product. Azim Ziraat Aletleri is one of the most experienced company in production of agricultural machines that is landed a field in Aydin in Ortaklar which is 12868 m2 . Azim Ziraat Aletleri has been producing goods and services for domestic and foreign farmers since 1967. We present qualified and trustable goods to farmers who are all around the World that are confirmed by CE certificate, TSEK and ISO 9001:2008. "


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