Bagci Tarimsal Is Güvenligi Ekipmanlari

"Friends in the agricultural sector, who work, work and sweat with the soil friends, MERHABA .. In order to obtain quality products from our fruit, vegetable gardens, fields and greenhouses, we have to use agricultural pesticides to combat irrigation and fertilization as well as to protect them from harmful factors. Although we know that many of our sayings are not correct, such as uz I cannot come to trouble ustur, zararli I have been already sikinti, ya I cannot come to trouble ustur, even though we know that all agrochemicals are harmful and dangerous for human and environmental health. Our health is inevitable. We need to use protective equipment in order to prevent these damages that may have a direct impact on human health and which may pose a threat. In order to take measures in this regard, our dealers selling pesticides warn our farmers to use drugs during the use of drugs and stimulants are available on the labels of the drugs. However, despite all these warnings, our farmer does not use protective equipment and invites various diseases and enters into a way that cannot be returned in terms of health. We are; As an affiliate of BAGCI Agricultural and Industrial Safety Equipment Company; We provide high quality, healthy and reliable protective equipments from domestic manufacturers and importers. We present our products to our farmers in agricultural fairs and to promote our products by visiting our Agricultural Chambers and Agricultural Drug Dealers throughout the country."


Bagci Tarimsal Is Güvenligi Ekipmanlari, Companies in Turkey
  • Authorized Person: Ali Galip Bagci

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Bagci Tarimsal Is Güvenligi Ekipmanlari

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