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"BAHIYAR MOTOR TRADE LTD. Sti. Headquartered under the title of Izmir; In our company located in Basmane district, we offer installation, wholesale and service of BASEH registered products and various other product groups. Basmane also our retail sales; Fevzipasa Boulevard, Manisa; Center and Izmir; We are continuing our showrooms in Tire. Some of our spare parts and products are manufactured by BAHTIYAR METAL SANAYI ve TICARET LTD. Sti. As Izmir; 2.We are doing our own workshop on the site. In our workshop we also make printing and leveling processes of aluminum and zamak products as a fason to the market with our injection machines. "


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  • Authorized Person: Mustafa ÖZDOGRU

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Bahtiyar Motor

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