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"ABOUT US The history of forest, garden, agricultural engines and equipment has been combined with more than 40 years of experience, know-how and professionalism. Our company continues its journey as Barbaros Motor since 1994. Initially, the available products in the domestic market, our sales organization serving the Turkey market, demand in the market in a short time in 1997, was the first importer of where you are. From this market, using our company experience in the international field by developing; has focused on domestic and international transactions to meet customer requests and services and continues to work. Today, with so many different companies with trade links in the international arena, Turkey's offers built-in sales in all regions, originating in Turkey's Europe and Central Asia has become a company exporting products. Our product range is our own products and imported products. Products we are manufacturing; feed crushers, feed crushing machines, milking machines, water tank, all kinds of machines, arc plows, harrows. Our import product groups; wood cutting engines, scythe motors, spraying engines and machines, hedge and branch pruning motors, lawn mower / shear motors and machines, water pumps, water systems, generators, anchor motors, branch shredders, tea machines, soil drilling machines, olive shaking machines, all garden tools, etc. agricultural equipment and spare parts. These product groups; In the category of first-class and professionally known as BARBAROS, BARTEKT, FARM, KNC, YONGJIA, TOPSO, TRIMMY with the use of the request and design of our brands. We spend time with him and aim to see happy targets with him. We adopt this one-to-one orientation relationship as a single strategy. We increase our service and quality day by day, and we continue our works by respecting both our users and social-ecological life. In order to carry our position among the leading companies in the sector to bigger targets, we are trying to increase our customer satisfaction oriented working principle and reliability. Our expertise in the market, our years of experience, our young and dynamic manpower, our renewed infrastructure, our domestic branches and you may need our business partners. Together with our wishes, we wish to have more beautiful tomorrows and the days of production in our fertile soil"


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