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"BARIS MACHINERY AND INDUSTRY; Started its activities in 1963, today continues with the production, production and post-production support of agricultural machinery. Baris Makina ve Sanayi, a well known company in the sector providing the best service to the customer, has started to serve the beet harvester manufacturing and production sector with its founder staff from the past, commercial and farming management history, professional team of experts, sales marketing and after-sales service team. Our company, which takes the mission of R & D and P & D activities as a mission, continues its activities towards energy, agriculture and environment which will reduce the dependence of our country on foreign sources as well as the production of more efficient and quality beet harvesting machines for beet harvest. As Baris Makina ve Sanayi, we are constantly updating our production and quality in line with the demands and suggestions received from domestic and foreign markets. Our products can be reached with Pankobirlik, Agricultural Credit Cooperatives, extensive dealer network and direct sales from our factory. In addition to its domestic activities, our company has expanded its import and export business day by day. Ukraine, Russia, Iran, Egypt, Pakistan, Kyrgyzstan. "


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