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"Our country has very different ecological characteristics with its geographic, climatic and soil structure and it is highly suitable for different kinds of fruit cultivation.             In recent years, the presence of olive trees has shown a rapid increase. However, our problems such as olive cultivation mechanization, processing and branding have not yet reached a complete solution.             Again, our country meets 55-60% of the world dried fig production with 50 thousand tons annually and 26% of world fig fig production with 250 thousand tons.             Good agricultural practices, integrated crop management, integrated pest management, HACCP, ISO etc. in all developed countries in fruit growing. quality assurance systems, innovations introduced by u from farm to table, approach are implemented. In other words, healthy, certified (from the name) seedlings procurement, garden plant, maintenance, harvest, agricultural struggle, product processing covers a long process.             In this context, we are working with standart BASAK FIDAN inde as the first step for the production of world class production of the seedlings and garden plant.             In the area where fig or olive garden will be established, we evaluate the soil structure, climatic conditions, economic efficiency, market and other environmental factors and offer the manufacturer the optimum feasibility.           We attach special importance to the cultivation of olive saplings grafted on the insane rootstock that can withstand the effects of global warming threatening our country. Besides, we have been producing varieties of figs and olive trees in Aydin for 10 years."


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Basak Fidancılık

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