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"Established in Adapazarı as an Iron Car - Wooden Car (DA-TA) factory at 1914, Başak Tractor has continued to satisfy all agricultural equipment and machinery needs of the Turkish farmer under the title SAZ (Sakarya Alat-ı Ziraiye) affiliated with Turkish Agricultural Furnishing Association in 1944. As of 1962, Başak Tractor started to import Ford branded tractors and after 1968, it has demonstrated its success in manufacturing with 65 percent domestic production percentage in Adapazarı under the collaboration made with Ford. Under the agreement executed with STEYR company in 1976, production of STEYR branded tractors were initiated and tractor production has continued under BAŞAK brand as of 1996. Başak Tractor has joined Sanko Group in 2012. In the factory located in Sakarya, it is engaging in production in 40.000 m² covered area, established on 275.000 m² open area. With a capacity of 10.000 tractors per annum, the engine, gearbox and hydraulic hardware main parts are processed and manufactured in Başak Tractor factory. Başak Tractor is at farmers’ disposal with around 20 models consisting 2x4 and 4x4 drives in different segments and domestic tractors providing the most economical usage due to low fuel consumption and requiring minimum maintenance. Restructured under SANKO, Başak Tractor continues to support farmers with sales and service network widespread throughout Turkey and with affordable spare part stock. "


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