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"Success Feed San. and Tic. Inc. It was established in June 2008 in Izmir to produce and market mixed feed for cattle, sheep and poultry. For cattle and sheep breeders, only Intensive (Intensive) and Eccentric (Family Business) feed production is planned for the production of eccentric feeds only for poultry breeders. Our company, producing in accordance with the Western Anatolian region of the sector, has introduced four different Cattle Milk feeds in accordance with the gelen Boutique eri approach with the metabolic energy and protein differentiation by evaluating the requests from the producers in the region. Heifers and pregnant cattle feeds are also included in the product range. Beef fattening feed; Fattening feeds and Fattening Blends are diversified and the demands and needs of the growers have been met."


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  • Authorized Person: Mehmet Erdemir

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