"In 1955, our company started to operate with a chainsaw and forest products processing plant. of all machinery and equipment, sales and Our experts in the field of after sales service and 50 years of experience and write an email today with one of Turkey's most powerful and largest suppliers has come to the position. Always to give the best quality, the most appropriate price With the KAAN brand, our group entered into a stable and fast branding process in the fields of manufacturing and importation of all the products that our farmers need. FIELDS OF ACTIVITY OF OUR GROUP COMPANIES: 1) BASMACIOGLU AGRICULTURE GROUP (manufacturing group):       * FOREST AND GARDEN EQUIPMENTS     * SOIL PROCESSING MACHINERY AND EQUIPMENTS     * LIVESTOCK PRODUCTS     * IRRIGATION EQUIPMENT     * ENERGY AND POWER PRODUCTS     * HARVESTING MACHINES     * PLACE TOOLS"


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WMX 720 Diesel Cultivator supply
milking machine  supply
7 hp tiller  supply
400lt sprayer  supply
200lt gasoline sprayer  supply

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