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"We took our place in developing and globalizing world, we continue to grow. Bastak instruments which place customer satisfaction on the top of its service pyramid was founded by Zeki Demirtasoglu in 1999. Our company started producing quality control instruments and flour additives, the export department was founded in 2003 in line with the objectives, thus took its place in the world market. Bastak instruments which is aiming to comply with the innovations of the globalizing world and be the leader in its field, is making investments for new technologies. Our company, which gives great importance to R&D is aware of the necessity of producing standard and high-quality products to survive in the world market. Customer satisfaction which is our basic principle is getting more important for us day by day. Nowadays Bastak instruments are serving to its clients in flour additives, quality control devices for flour and feed, chemical, glass and consumable products for laboratories. Our company is attending national and international fairs as participant or visitor in order to follow developments and introduce innovations. Our company whose basic principle is customer satisfaction is making all investments in new technologies. Our basic values are individual and collective respect, trustworthiness, teamwork, internal and external customer orientation, positive thinking and compromise, self-criticism, understanding and participatory and free expression sharing."


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