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"Adana in 1955, our company started its commercial life in Kozan has served clients for nearly 59 years in different sectors. In 1976, the name will be the turning point of our commercial life, Tofas, Fiat, Highway 50 NC, Aegean Star Pipe and took the dealership of big companies such as taking Alper plow. Commercial life every day expanding the company grows, keeping up with the times and in 1988 he founded A.Ş. Omer Baysal. Since then, our company operates in many areas since the group's activities in the garden and our garden tools to make agriculture more professional Baysal Agricultural Equipments Co.Ltd. as it allocated. The company is currently in Adana 2 branches in the neighboring provinces of Adana and agricultural tools, and sales of garden machinery and equipment, as well as serve customers in an effective after-sales service market. The company is located in Adana 2 serving with specialized approximately 24 staff in the branch, demos, sales, service issues Adana, Hatay, Istanbul, Nigde, leads Osmaniye as will the foot of services to its clients in the agricultural sector."


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