"America and Turkey Merkur Bentley Instruments Ltd. Sti. Our company, founded as Bentley-Merkim in 2006 with a 50% partnership in 2006, offers new alternatives to the world milk and dairy products sector. For the measurement of fat, protein, lactose, dry matter, freezing point, total live bacteria and somatic cell count in raw milk by our company. Bentley Milk Analyzers are used by the universities in the universities of agriculture and veterinary medicine as well as in the milk sector. Our contribution to milk producers Turkey Cattle Breeders Central Union 'Fertility Control Project' under in 24 provinces set by the Breeders Association of selected milk yield of the animals were detected with Bentley devices, in this context, Izmir, Balikesir and Usak Cattle Association Breeders raw milk analysis laboratories Bentley- It was founded by Merkim. In these laboratories, the analysis of fat, protein, lactose, dry matter, freezing point and somatic cell count in raw milk is done with Bentley devices. As the company, we are active in many areas such as universities, companies in the sector, breeding associations. We are also involved in the projects of the development agencies. With the project of Izmir Development Agency, the oil producers of raw milk, protein, lactose, dry matter, Freezing point analysis of Bentley B150 and Bentley IBC-m devices used in total live bacteria and somatic cell counting 'Raw Milk Lab with a great diligence and with the new generation technology, we have established using the food, Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Livestock Food Control Laboratories raw preferred Bentley IBC-m for total live and somatic cell count in milk. Burdur and Balikesir Food Control Laboratories started measurements with Bentley IBC-m device. first time in Turkey Izmir Food, Agriculture and Livestock Ministry Izmir Cattle Breeders Union's common protocol created Raw Milk Laboratory of hours 400 makes the analysis of raw milk samples Bentley Nexgen device preference edilmistir.laboratuar the opening of Food, Agriculture and Livestock Minister Mehdi Eker has also done the first analysis with Bentley Nexgen device .. Bentley-Merkim Ltd. Sti. It is able to calibrate the milk analysis devices used with the certified reference milk samples obtained from the Italian Accredited Raw Milk Laboratory A.I.A. It provides the opportunity to check and verify the results of the milk laboratories that want to be accredited. Our Distiributors Bentley-Merkim from the United States Bentley Instruments, Spectrum Wasta from England and Don Whitley Scientific, Tru-Test from New Zealand, Poul from Denmark Tarp and Danish Clean Water, Bruins and Zee Tags firms worldwide recognized eight major companies distributorship in Turkey It engages. As a company in Turkey with Zee Tags an agreement to establish a joint company, the basis attik.tek part earrings, manufacturing, two-piece ear tag, pedigree earrings for small animals, animal tracking for HDX or FDX including electronic RFID earrings and We are providing the sale of the best applicator of the world which is used for the application of the earrings.We offer Waste Spectrum Hurikan 150 model which is specially produced for Veterinary Research Institutes located in 8 provinces by the General Directorate of Food and Control supported by the World Bank. gas emission values ??are in compliance with European Union standards. The General Directorate of Food and Control, Konya Basarikavak and Kakli├ž Village in Izmir, provided the company with the disposal of diseased animals in hastalik Real-Time Bird Flu Exercise on different dates hastalik and HURIKAN 150 incinerator was used. We have found only our company together with the General Directorate of Protection Control. Besides, our company is the Turkey distributor of NIR analysis of feed system and the company that makes the Bruins. Agri Check is the provider of fast and reliable analysis devices such as Multi Check. In addition, we have successfully signed both national and international organizations such as fairs, media, education and seminars. Non-Alternative Device Systems Bentley-Merkim as developing the device portfolio quality, design and price terms of the vermektedir.gelis committed to working with the names will not be an alternative and progressive world technology succeeded to study the best way to be an alternative to each feature device systems we bring to Turkey. The ├žalismaktayiz.b especially with a single manufacturer principles for each device with this equipment systems manufacturers working with together, a first for the World Bank brought to life by credit and Turkey Mobile Dairy Laboratory 'and the' have been activated by the Mobile Soil Laboratory of our company"


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