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"Besel Kalip was a small workshop founded in 1980 by ZÜHTÜ BIYIK on a 30m2 area in Izmir Çamdibi with 100% Turkish capital under the name of subcontracting and supply industry for the purpose of making press and mold works of the sector. Between 1985 and 1986, the investments made in the workshop in line with the needs of the market have moved the Besel Kalip to 100m2 area. CNC machine, telerezion, sewing centers, 150-ton presses, manual and cnc milling mills obtained in 2000 have helped the factory to develop and increase its production capacity. Since 2000, Besel Mold has been serving its customers in Kemalpasa with a closed area of ??1200m2 and a closed area of ??4000m2 with 60% mold and 40% garden hand tools. It serves mainly the automotive industry, the agriculture industry and other private institutions. BESEL KALIP, since the day of the production of the production of the need for industry and industry, in line with the developments in the industry has continuously renewed itself. With a dynamic spirit and constant excitement, it continues its corporate activities in our region and on a national basis. Our company, which has never forgotten that providing quality will be possible with technical knowledge and experience, will continue to be the favorite of its region and maintain its respectable and rising line among national companies"


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  • Authorized Person: Damla Biyik

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Besel Kalip

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