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"BETA Fidan was established in 1992; and is one of the leading companies of the fruit sector in Turkey with its 3 hectares of Modern Greenhouses, Tissue Culture and Biotechnology Laboratory, 10 hectares of Breeding parcels, and experienced staff. In our BETA R&D department; our Fruit Breeding Projects and Molecular studies are being carried on. Our company is the only authorized private sector institution in Turkey for Variety Detection with Genetic Analysis. Our R&D department which conducts studies on subjects such as new species, variety and rootstock adaptation, eects of different cultural applications on yield and quality shares the results with the producers, and sheds light on the problems of fruit growing in our country through various European Union and TUBITAK (the Scientic and Technological Research Council of Turkey) projects it carries out. We have 17 fruit varieties and 2 prunus fruit rootstocks which are bred within the scope of our project named “FRUITS OF THE FUTURE”, and included in the Turkish national variety list. BETA is the only private sector institution in Turkey that makes FRUIT BREEDING. Principle work areas of our company; * Certificated, potted fruit sapling production using micro-grafting technique * Production of fruit rootstocks, berry fruits, medicinal and aromatic plants, banana, ornamental plants, etc. in our Tissue Culture Laboratory with 10 million plants production infrastructure per year. * Using molecular methods with our Beta R&D team; - Conducting fruit variety and rootstock breeding programs - Making Variety Detection with Genetic Analysis * Marketing and Project Designing of agricultural irrigation systems * Production of Stone and Pome fruits for the fresh fruit market"


Beta Fidancilik Ve Sulama, Companies in Turkey

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  • Authorized Person: Bahadir Tosun

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Beta Fidancilik Ve Sulama

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