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Beta Agriculture was established in 2001 in Izmir. Since its establishment, we have been working on t Animal Feeding and Feeding Products t especially in ruminant livestock sector. Our company, which started to produce premix in 2005, produces premix and mineral feeds for all livestock. In addition to our standard products, we also produce products in a special formulation according to the needs of our customers. Apart from the premix and mineral feed we produce, we provide our customers with products and services with the understanding of müş extra service and quality yem on all feed supplements, calf foods and some feeding equipments and farm hygiene chemicals. Since 2009 CCPA fodder complementary products distributor and representative group-France to Turkey. SCHILS in calf milk than that - the Netherlands, Toxin Binders and we are working with BASF on mold inhibitors Turkey as a distributor.


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