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"Incorporated with the exclusive purpose and scope of serving as a seed grower during the period not competed by so many rivals even on global scale, the subsidiary is the yield of a massive piece of vision. Paving the corner stones of the Turkish seed growing industry and consistently defending its standing as the pioneer of precedents since the date of incorporation, the company has constantly maintained a high level of service without sacrificing its quality policy, remained committed to serving to and kept contributing to the enhancement of the Turkish seed growing industry for more than half a century across a disciplined spirit of accountability. The mission so assumed by Beta Ziraat is the natural outcome of its shareholding structure. The company, where prominent exclusive farmer organizations such as Konya Seker, Konya Beet Producers Cooperative, Kayseri Seker, Amasya Seker, Pankobirlik and other beet producer cooperatives hold the majority interests, is driven by the Turkish farming. OIL FACTORY Oil Factory which is in the structure of Beta Ziraat ve Ticaret A.S. is a smart plant starting production in 2012 and having high technology product machine - equipment pool and fully automatic PLC automation. With high product quality, it has 150 thousand tons of sunflower, 100 thousand tons of soy and canola processing capacity in a year and about 66 thousand tons of raw sunflower oil and about 80 thousand tons of sunflower meal production capacity in a year. After Konya Seker declared that it would establish raw oil plant, interest in oil seed farming increased in Konya region. Oil sunflower production which was around 50 thousand tons in 2010, reached 99 thousand tons in 2011, it was 211 thousand tons in 2012 when factory’s foundation was laid and it entered into service. According to TÜIK (Turkish Statistical Institute) data, Konya became the province making the highest oil sunflower production in Turkey with 265 thousand tons in 2013 and 2014. In terms of our country which imports more than half of its oil and oil seed needs, this increase in production is very important both for economy of our country and for farmers in the region. This investment served to expand oil seed planting areas in Konya region and increased oil seed production with the use of high yield varieties. Country’s economy gained oil seeds which are produced and will be produced in Konya and Aksaray regions where sunflower production has started to be widespread and additional added value was created. 40-45 thousand farmers were offered the opportunity to buy share at the amount of 325-350 million TL in 1 million decare area in Central Anatolia production basin with 300-350 thousand tons of seed production. With this investment; this problem of farmers who worried about safe sales channels, was solved. Oil seeds became a product which can be cultivated rotationally as an alternative product by the farmers and brought economic development. Farmers in Konya and other provinces in the region obtained an investment that they can produce and sell more confidently. This modern plant meets the needs of Konya which met most of its raw oil need from outside the province and refined oil factories established in the region. Raw Oil Factory has been giving importance to the quality of the product until today since its establishment and registered its quality. Our factory has TS EN ISO 9001:2008 Quality System Certificate, TS 12302 Raw Sunflower Oil Product Conformity Certificate and TS 316 Sunflower Seed Meal Product Conformity Certificate. Also, Raw Oil Factory comes into prominence with R&D activities. Project titled ""Obtaining Tocopherol and Sterol from Deodorization Residues Emerging from Sunflower Oil Refining"" was accepted by TÜBITAK with a great support rate within the scope of 1511. With this project, Konya Seker aims to lead the acquisition of products for the good of country.? "


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