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"In 2004, Bimas Agriculture aimed to produce solutions to the factors that negatively affect plant growth. Dr. It was founded by Fevzi M. Ecevit. It primarily focused on the development and production of products to prevent damages caused by cold and frost damage. In our country, it has aimed to prevent this damage caused by the cold and frost of the agricultural sector and our farmers, who have suffered billions of dollars annually in our country. Professor Dr. Fevzi Mustafa ECEVIT 's 37 years of work as a result, respecting the human and nature ""Natural Plant Antifreeze, Natural Plant Antifreeze, NPA,"" our product, long-term R & D studies and tests and applications in many countries in the world after proving success as a result of Bimas It was commercialized by Agriculture and patented by Prof. Dr. Fevzi M. Ecevit in 2009."


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