"ORE EFFICIENT MORE NATURAL Biocenta was founded in 2012, supplies high quality feed additives and drinking water products to the poultry, fish, ruminant, pet and horse production industry. BIOCENTA FEED ADDITIVES AND DRINKING WATER APPLICATIONS GM Oguz Kurum believes that due to his teams’ extensive experience and Biocenta’s network of powerful global suppliers they have quickly become a stable and well respected provider with a powerful and innovative product portfolio. Headquartered in Atasehir Istanbul, with a warehouse in Dilovasi Kocaeli Biocenta offer effective, innovative, safe and economically viable products and concepts designed to respond to the needs of the feed and animal health industry in Turkey and surrounding countries. Biocenta has a wide range of products enabling customers to source all their feed and animal health requirements from one location. All products are produced to a high quality and are shipped in export quality packaging ensuring a maximum shelf life.Our key area of expertise lies in protecting poultry, fish and ruminants against pathogenic bacteria and optimizing digestion and gut health. Our knowledge, experience and products can help those in animal production industry increase production whilst maintaining high standards of food safety. Our strategy centres around five core and interconnected elements: 1. being a trusted partner for the companies we serve 2. having a professional team on hand to answer questions and provide advice 3. innovative and effective feed additive portfolio to meet our customers’ needs 4. technical support 5. reliable supply-chain system to ensure orders are met and delivered on time"


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