Biotek Tohumculuk

A Color and the Future. Leaving 17 years behind in the diversity and continuity plan, Biotek reflects the values ​​it has undertaken as a 100% domestic seed producer and investor with Turquoise. We are aware that every seed grain we obtain will come and inspire tomorrow's farmers. The great preference of the values ​​we produce in the world agriculture is the biggest excitement and energy of Biotek. For our farmer's high-yielding values ​​and high-yield harvests, our 'Researcher Brand' authorization approved by the Ministry of Agriculture, our core and reliable R&D studies are carried out continuously. High-tech production and processing capacity thanks to large Biotek Turkey and thousands of farmers in the world of color, yield, has been earnings. Biotek, who trains, equips, keeps alive, advances its goal of becoming a world seed brand with its branded initiatives and team.


Biotek Tohumculuk, Companies in Turkey

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  • Authorized Person: Yunus Yumusak

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Biotek Tohumculuk

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