Birlesim Tarim Makina

"COMBINATION TR. MAK. SINGING. AND TİC.LTD. Sti. Unification, in the agricultural sector in 1974 to manufacture industrial machinery, ""Cetin Wing"" was founded. Our company was founded in 40m2'lik engaged in production in the area is currently closed 4500 m2 including Konya Organized Industrial Zone, are produced in an area of ​​10500 m2. 1994 started production as of and for the market in general has focused on the production of earthmoving machinery. Particularly 8 Cultivators, consisting of individual models and their single- double harrow combinations, Tillerman, SI Type light Cultivators are Fertilized Search Çapalama are single and dual Branch Splitters, Leveling Blade Our company focusing on production, it produces all the machines in our country has managed to be among the leading companies. This very diversity of our production; terrain conditions in different regions, depending on climatic conditions and will not respond to our demands and also facilitates us to appeal to the whole region. Our production with machines; In addition to our own marketing department, Agricultural Credit Cooperatives, Beet Cooperatives and farmers in our country through our authorized dealers, via export companies, we have begun to offer to markets abroad. And from the beginning, ""We provide our mirror, our products are our heritage."" We said. The style of the far past, ""Machine-quality products as well as blessings"" that determines the junction, The future will continue to keep this line ..."


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