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"Doganlar-BKS agricultural machines in Izmir in 1998 500 m 'Our company started activities in the workshop, these days, growing a family business in agricultural machinery production in the organized industrial zones Ataturk and after sales has made a name domestic and foreign markets in the service. Production targets and quality standards every yilyükselter, quick changes as shown by the technology today, closely followed by developing technology to ulasabils the world standard applies, ederek''dah quality competition with its own '' more hizli''üret the purpose of Cigli AOSB 'until moved by the new factory and corporate governance and understanding of contemporary production is dogry walk with firm steps and you still serve our farmers at this point. Seed or seedling-planting and cultivation which was founded in order to produce the second tillage equipment that make up the soil structure suitable for cultivation; various types and models of agricultural equipment by producing quality products to customers at a reasonable price offers. Cultivators, Chisel are Subsoil who, Till they, Diskareo, Raker, Ripper are instruments of our group products consisting of looking for anchors and equipment ground islemezler.yirtarak Turn the classics such as tillage equipment, kabatarak and natural vibrations soil natural attitude for committing the impact and protect the flora, moisture loss, dado formation engellerler.parçal influence and have effective weed somewhere mücadelesinde tines with different options. Plenty of spare parts and our organization is always the principle of maximum satisfaction of our customers with efficient after-sales service continues to grow by increasing its sales each day that passed both inside and outside the country. Our products are ISO 9001 and CE certified and is two years under our unconditional guarantee. Our distributors in the domestic market, Beet Cooperatives, Agricultural Credit Cooperatives and T. C through Ziraat Bank to link to Turkish farmers to produce products keeping high the reputation of our country and our products are exported abroad, and we are proud to contribute to Turkish industry. Our mission in accordance with the rising expectations of our farmers with developing technology, to manufacture high-quality and modern agricultural machinery, the number of customer orders and be able to respond without time limits, and to contribute to the development of the sector. All in their light slogan 'The way of efficiency in soil BKS' goes from '' it has become."


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