BOTANICA, which operates in the field of Hobby Horticulture; Many exclusive brands with their own product serves as the distributor in Turkey. Turkey experienced staff and extensive marketing network with internal and external spaces offering functional products in the consumer's taste can be easily used Botanika in general; Garden and plant products in the world and our country in the leading brands of gardening professionals and hobby enthusiasts meet. RACO EXPERT garden hand tools and irrigation apparatus; FISKARS garden equipment; HOZELOCK irrigation equipment; INTERMAS canopy, fence and safety nets; GLORIA spraying sprays; BRILL lawn mowers and lawn mowers; PULSFOG fogging devices and fogging additives; GARDENER and AQUATIC irrigation and spraying sprays; SYMO L'Ombrero is a part of the sun umbrellas and Botanika's product range. The most established brand of Botanika, ÇİÇEK COŞTURAN Plant Nutrition, and the WINDOW FRONT BOSTANS, which were put on the market in 2008, are also the preference of the plants. Botanika's garden and plant products are offered to you through all the construction markets and virtual markets.


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