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"BOZKURT, in the early 1970s, KAYIKER BOZO began with the name of apricot trade as the father's profession; Was established in 1994 as a family company. Since its foundation, BOZKURT has acted in a continuous development philosophy and has made significant investments in production technologies, R & D studies, quality control systems and qualified human resources. Today, one of the most important trade centers in the world, located on an area of ??75.000 m² in IZMIR, equipped with advanced technology, high-production facilities; Organic dried apricots Organic dried figs Conventional dried apricots Dry fig Organic apricot kernel Raisins Nuts Sesame and Sesame varieties Tahini Helva production is realized. BOZKURT, with its extensive market knowledge, superior production power and technical knowledge, is a leading company in the international markets. Produces different packagings and volumes in desired quality and standards.                 As a solution partner, national and international organizations that prefer BOZKURT obtain superior competitiveness in their respective sectors. BOZKURT's self-renewing and developing technology is one step ahead of its competitors. BOZKURT, which aims to increase the development and sectoral quality in its field of activity; KOSHER Certificate BRC Quality Certificate ISO 22000 Quality system certification Turkish Standards Institute (TSE) certificate ECOCERT organic product certification HACEPP owns a quality certificate. BOZKURT, which is one of the important producers of its country and region and widening its field of activity every day, exports to more than 55 countries."


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