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"Izmir-based BRC Chemical, Turkey's four corners food, textile, paint, leather, detergents, conditioning and supplying water treatment chemicals, one of the leading companies in its sector. BRC Kimya, which provides 100% customer satisfaction guaranteed service with its expert technical personnel, makes appropriate material delivery in product analysis and shows the difference in packaging design according to its qualifications. In addition, by offering a wide range of products offering 24/7; we do without losing while delivering. (ADR) is conducting and returning the products and are returned. BRC Chemistry, which carries out the delivery of the products with its own trucks and tankers, the monthly average, distance, payment terms, etc. learned by the personnel working in the field actively during the customer visits. prepared and prepared in water. BRC Chemistry is constantly expanding its supply network and is growing day by day; You can follow the sectoral developments closely."


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