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"BRS PLASTIC to become one of Turkey's gateway to the world for decades Inc. to design the best quality service possible with the energy of tomorrow from sunmaktayiz.bug tomorrow our generation will reach the inner world today. BRS PLASTIC INC. It was established in 2010 in Konya Büsan industrial zone and started its activities. BRS PLASTIC INC. Since 2010, it has been working in the fields of le Industrial ecrüb mis and erek Decorative Light Products ’with the experience gained in the sector by adopting quality service and honest trade as its principle. From automotive to defense industry, from agricultural equipment to urban furniture, from plastic livestock equipment to plastic polyethylene water tanks, from polyethylene children play groups to fitness equipment from food storage warehouses to agricultural spray tanks, from fuel tanks to fuel tanks, from acid fuel tanks to textile tanks, to polyethylene carts, and as polyethylene flower pot models and decoration products. It has once again revealed how important the product variety is by producing different colors and thicknesses according to the usage areas desired by our customers. All the while developing technologies 50b of the liter than 2000 kg of raw material by neglecting to follow one piece water reservoir generating capacity of Turkey's largest, Europe's second largest company oldu.polietil black interior of the water tank and the outer part of the sun and daylight produced in white color water is prevented. We have combined our technology, which eliminates the negative situations such as odor, moss and yellowing, with our reasonable price, on-time delivery, permanent quality and absolute service understanding, and we have fulfilled all our commitments. Our annual capacity is 2500 tons with our technology track and workforce. As BRS PLASTIC family, we started to offer a visual show in daily use areas such as Hotels, Wedding Halls, Entertainment Centers, Cafes in our daily life in the architectural and visual sense by combining LED illuminations with Plastic as a result of extensive R & D works as a result of our extensive R & D activities. . At the beginning of 2013, by adding Polyethylene raw material to our R & D activities, we have added to our production process, apart from the standard production in the desired dimensions and visuals under European standards and Far East costs. BRS PLASTIK AS., Which meets the needs of the growing and changing world. will continue to rise with a rich network of experienced and dynamic managers and a new production network.   Our vision; Customer and employee value, providing quality products and services to reach a wide audience, conscious of social responsibility, faithful to their values, reliability, quality management, product diversity, leading staff, expert staff and the first and foremost institution with a customer-oriented service approach.   Our mission; To provide our customers with products and services related to our field of activity by exceeding the expectations every time without compromising on quality and ethical values. to be a brand that converts."


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