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"Bursa Seeds - Vegetable Seeds Bursa Seeds is active in the field of vegetable seed breeding, production, domestic and international marketing. Bursa Tohumculuk, which started seed life in 1986, carries out the studies of vegetable breeding, hybrid seed production and pure seed root stock in Yenisehir-Bursa facilities. You will be able to see the products of our breeding activities on our website. Marmara and production for the Central Anatolia region of 40 to being close with our specialized breeders 2000 hectare vegetable seeds in a field on will be closely followed by our üretmekteyiz.ziraat Engineers are delivered to dealers in each city by means of deal dealers 9 units across Turkey. Our company, which aims at quality and price stability in production, wishes to all our growers with good taste and joy of being a desired brand in its sector with high quality seeds. "


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