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It is a company that aims to reflect the changing and developing technology on the production of Contemporary Ozone Systems, Ozone Generators, Ozone Machines and Ozonization Systems. It was established to manufacture, sell and provide technical support for ozone generators. Contemporary Ozone Systems, which set out with an experienced and strong technical staff, developed the ozone generators to produce from the lowest capacity to the highest capacity with its constantly renewed models. Customer and service-oriented work is always the most advanced in the industry in which it operates with the understanding and the best of its company goals as choosing Contemporary Ozone Sister updates Ozone Sister ON THE succeeded in having a say in Turkey's market and produced by Ozone Generators are used domestically in so many businesses in many cities. Our quality certificates are available in ISO 9001 and ISO 22000. Consultancy training and support services are also among the activities of our company during the establishment and commissioning of water bottling enterprises.


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