"Candem Organic Fertilizer has been born like a sun on our farmer brothers and sisters in the day when the chemical fertilizers intensified our environment and our world. Unconsciously water consumption, global warming, and similar reasons, because of the world's pupils in the soil of our country is heavily damaged and sees. Candem, with the conscious producer, conscious consumer slogan on this issue by producing organic fertilizer to farmers in the soil by preventing the barrenness of our farmers to get better quality, more productive product helps. Candem Seed Coating preparations with the Demnem brand as liquid and powder has been presented to our valuable farmers. By reducing seed loss to zero, it prevented our farmers from using excessive seeds. By making the sibling in the seed, it has contributed significantly to the increase of the product. Also; We produce fertilizers used by our farmers before and after flowering. After 4-5 years of use, it eliminates the calcification in the soil and offers our farmers more healthy soils. Candem provides a convenient network of farmers to reach the products with a common dealer network. We also provide engineering services to our fencemen who use Candem products with our experienced engineers. It has been understood that the competition cannot be adapted to the world markets with its beautiful farming. For this reason, Organic Fertilizer is needed to get less costs and better quality products. The plant needs not only nitrogen (urea, nitrate) but also substances and trace elements. The use of organic fertilizers with trace elements is essential in this. Our company continues its works without sacrificing quality and service with the slogan ""The Fantastic Five"" in the market."


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