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Cayirova Trailer Parts MFG.Co. is one of the leader manufacturer and exporter company dealing with high quality trailer parts products in Turkey since 1974. Cayirova Co. with its versatile production programme, dedicated itself to meet the need of domestic and foreign markets by providing high technologies and ideal solutions. The change, renewal and development are parts of our corporation identy. At the 21th century, priorities in our quality management principles are to provide our customer’s needs with improvement relation in partnership and to serve with a spirit of team works. In the frame of general policy; adhering to the obligations concerning management systems by keeping it under survey, organizing the needfull education activities in order to keep the flexible, impulsive and competitive mentality enclaved on each level. In this context; all activities and all units such as the investments, producing, marketing, domestic and international marketing survey, research and development activities and logistics are going on with harmony at the Cayirova Co. The customer satisfaction is our main goal.


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Çayirova Spare Parts

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Wheel Rim supply
Hydraulic Steering Axle System / Double Lift supply
Cyr 101000 Axle With Brake supply

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