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"Our company, Yozgat in 1962. Muhsin Boğazlıyan town was founded by Turkmen. Production, our company started with the manufacture of plows, the product range in 1985; By including the cultivator has entered into the development process. Our business in 1992, and developing technologies closely to both the industrial city in order to produce better quality and variety of products to Konya, has moved its production facilities. various sizes up to 1998 in Konya cultivator and coil manufacturing makes our business; In 1998, livestock seeing the lack of mechanization in operating the machine, which aims to eliminate these deficiencies and attached importance to the construction of equipment and as a result of this: Corn Silage Machine, Drum Mower and Forage Harvester as more complex and several business into the manufacture of the combined machine-Advanced capable together It was directed. achievements in the manufacture of this machine, our company; They are encouraged to make new products. This encouraging result; In 2002, the first time in Turkey, alfalfa planting and seeding capable of spreading Feed Crushing Machine in 2003, has been presented to our farmers. After the floor to the Grain Crusher our product range when it comes 2004 Bale Loading Machine in 2006, respectively, and Small Feed Crushing Machine in the year 2007 as Duplex & Piston Leveling Shovel of, our company started the production of end of 2007, Row Independent Corn silage machinery of modern machines began to manufacture in one of the services our farmers He was able to offer. Feed Mixer and Distributing Trailers started the production of various sizes in 2008, our company has continued to progress by adding the gamma production in Makinesini finally Sharpshooter. Our company currently; Single Row Corn Silage Machine, Forage Machine, Drum Mower, Feed Crushing Machine, Bale Loading Machine, Duplex & Piston Leveling Shovel, Row Independent Silage Machine, Feed Mixer / Distribution trailer and Scrapers with our product range consists of machines continue to serve our farmers . Also; workforce for the livestock business and our research and development activities related to feasibility and other machines that are still saves time. Çelikel branded products; Agricultural Credit Cooperatives of Turkey in general with farmers and livestock business in almost all regions of Turkey and consisting of Beet Cooperative spread to a wider market. The reason of this; The failure will occur in the quality of our products and our machine quickly resolve technical service network. The quality of the products produced in our factory site; TSEK Certificates issued by the Turkish Standards Institute, the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs Agricultural Machinery and Equipment Testing Center test report issued by the Directorate for Quality Certificate ISO 9001-2000 has also been registered with CE certificate"


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