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"CERMAK was founded in 1997 by Fuat Alyar and Caner Ilkbag. After graduating from Istanbul Technical University, Faculty of Mechanical Engineering in 1990, Fuat Alyar started working as a Sales Engineer at Çukurova Ziraat, one of the leading companies in the Construction Machinery Sector. Caner Ilkbag, after graduating from the Faculty of Economics at Marmara University, started her working life in the same company in 1992 and her fates crossed here. After working in their lives have never left these two friends, in 1997, Turkey in the industry and construction as a first, not connected to any holding company or group, an independent company set up the industry to be a leader by cooperating with the working Ceren with the ideal of Machinery Co.Ltd is (Cermak) developed the company into the industry ."


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