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Established in Konya as Ceren Veterinary Services in 2002, our business provides services in the areas of poultry and cattle health, feeding, farm and herd health management. In line with the development of the livestock sector, we have presented Ceren Veterinary Laboratory to your service in 2007 in order to carry out our services more effectively and to meet the needs of industrialized enterprises and technical teams serving in the sector. Acting with a Principled, Reliable, Accurate, Researcher and Innovative approach Ceren Veterinary Clinic and Laboratory determines the most appropriate treatment option in every subject related to clinical, animal feeding and consultancy services, consultations in poultry and bovine animals. “Definitive Diagnosis” should be the motto of the physician before the treatment. In diagnoses without laboratory support in both human and medical practice, the error rate will be high. In particular, with the integration of animal husbandry today, clinical efforts are insufficient to make the right decisions in many and constantly supplemented diseases. The numerical size of the flocks, the sudden emergence and spread of diseases, the coexistence of secondary factors in many incidents or their immediate activation will further complicate the incident. When it is late, serious business problems arise. Working with laboratory findings is now a must in the diagnosis and treatment of Veterinary Clinical Medicine. Today, the place of Vitamin and Antibiotic Medicine; conscious, based on using advanced diagnostic and diagnostic methods, and making visible and monitoring the effects of their treatments, modern veterinarians receive diagnosis and treatment. Laboratory services have a purpose for protection as well as diagnosis. In the end, it is wise to use the laboratory to establish a system that can minimize negativities instead of determining the cause of the disease.


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