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Our company is one of the well established companies in the agricultural machinery sector since 1941 and is one of the nations oldest. Company is (ÇETINEL, agricultural machinery and steel casting). operating under the business name of ÇETINEL and is one of the leading company in the industry, especially “all THRESHING Machines “ and “ HAYMAKING Machines”.Our firm which is well specialized in manufacturing agricultural machineries which are certified and documented with quality certifications of “TSE” and “CE” . Our company provides its machineries with best quality, & on time service and different payment plans to our farmers.Till 1985 to this day,%70 of our capacity is filled by export sales. Thousands of our machines are operated with 100 % success & satisfaction in 3 continents/over 25 countries .Without any compromise given from our principal logo of “Quality & Service” , we are very proud to be the onlyfirm/company to be in the industry for almost 80 years and through 3 generations.


Cetinel Agricultural Machinery, Companies in Turkey

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Cetinel Agricultural Machinery

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