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"Cetinkayalar Agricultural Machinery has been specialized in the domain of agriculture equipments, incorporating its over 50 year experience and thanks to its high quality materials in the manufacture and is proud of presenting to you the high efficieny Agriculture Machineries which even the most meticulous farmer is to use readily. Cetinkayalar Agriculture Machineries has got the capacity whereby it can answer from the view of service, quality and time for home requirements and abroad alike, with its professional staffs and became a machinery wanted in the most remote place of Turkey. Our goal is to serve the best in the domain of agriculture through our equipments for Turkish and World economy. Cetinkayalar has become a preference reason for you, due to its solidity, uninterrupted service and replacement parts services, maintaining your trust through its ever- changing and high quality product spectrum. We wish you success, health, happy days and gainful harvests by use of our agriculture machineries both for our dear farmers and the agricultural."


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  • Authorized Person: Nuri Cetinkaya

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Cetinkayalar Agricultural Machinery

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Multi Purpose Thresher supply
Mobile Thresher supply
Manual Straw Machinery supply
Groundnut Thresher supply
Automatic Stem Collecting Straw Machine supply
Automatic Collecting Mobile Thresher Machine supply

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