"Chrysamed Chemical Industry and Foreign Trade Limited Company is an international corporation with 95% foreign capital. Chrysamed The products produced in Torbali facilities with a closed area of ​​14.300 m2 are exported to many countries including Germany. These facilities also include; Chrysa Emulsifier is used in domestic and foreign companies.   OUR MISSION While producing innovations that are beneficial to the future and humanity, it is our main principle to leave nature to the next generations without destroying them, and to make production sensitive to people and the environment. We attach importance to keeping customer satisfaction at the highest level with respect to people and nature.   OUR VISION Corporate culture and identity gained, quality and naturalness in the forefront of the industry by playing a leading role in the sector and preferred to be an international company. We believe in the importance of innovation and change by producing products that are sensitive to humanity and nature without sacrificing accuracy, honesty and quality on the way we have achieved with the desire to achieve, and accept continuous development as the principle."


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