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The commercial department feeds from two large product divisions: gardening and agriculture. The gardening division offers a wide range of fertilisers in liquid and powder form, tablets, slow release feeds, granules; seeds and fertilisers for lawns, special products for specific needs. And also medical-surgical facilities, products for ornamental plants, products for the protection of vegetables and ornamental plants, and other various products, such as green enhancing, leaf shine and preserving solutions. The agricultural division offers very high quality products: liquid or powder fertilisers, simple and NPK, single and complex meso and micro elements, humic extracts, organic and organic-mineral fertilisers, plant growth regulators. And also a range of organic products to meet the needs of professional organic farmers, and a wide range of specific products for other harvest care and protection requirements. To help the user to make the most of our products, technical supports are also available for viewing and downloading from our website.


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