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"1973 accessories are active under the name of the mercury in the year and which has a long history, our company has entered into a new structure in 1995. Activities area and completely changed the name of our company Eminönü coral gardens until 2008, he served with gasoline that agriculture and the service sector and industrial equipment and spare parts for electrical appliances. on behalf of institutionalization in early 2009 with new breakthroughs and new products for you to provide better service to its customers it has Cekmekoy implications for Taşdelen moved to a new building. Always be open to innovation, our company is known for its quality, it has become one of the favorite companies recently with guaranteed service and replacement parts unlimited possibilities. Young and dynamic in the world of green and has a place for its employees. I always kept in mind customer satisfaction, our company always keeps pace and precision technology demonstrated by fulfilling all requirements and desires. Our company with the appropriate product type and excess demand for all kinds of advantages in the field every day activities ittiba and gained confidence. Civaner Machinery Inc. trust and love each day as we have shown in us understand the interest and relevance"


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