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"Worldwide studies with strong brands and Europe's market leader COMPO EXPERT is the success story of the strong brands: The foundations of COMPO EXPERT GmbH were laid in 1956 in M√ľnster, starting with COMPO SANA, the first horticultural soil marketed in user friendly bags. In the following years, the company continued to expand as part of BASF. In 1971, the professional market was entered. Today, the company's most important international brands; Blaukorn, DuraTec, NovaTec, Floranid and Hakaphos. COMPO EXPERT is today a global market leader for professional use, producing special products based on biological / technical research. COMPO EXPERT: A reliable partner for safe harvesting COMPO EXPERT is a leader in a wide range of high quality products, innovative special fertilizers, field crops, vegetables, fruits and vineyards, grass and green areas, landscaping and forests. Strong EXPERT teams guarantee widespread support to users in our market and trade. Product portfolio: NPK special mineral fertilizer: Blaukorn (Chlorine-free) Nitrification inhibitor fertilizer: NovaTec Slow release fertilizer based on ISODUR (IBDU) & CROTODUR (CDU): Floranid Twin Partially coated slow release fertilizers: DuraTec and Basatop Controlled oscillating coated fertilizer: Basacote Drip irrigation fertilizers: Hakaphos, Nitrophoska, Basaplant and NovaTec Solub Liquid fertilizers: Basfoliar Combi Stipp, Basfoliar Aktiv, Avant Natur ... Microelements: Fetrilon Combi, Basafer Plus, Nutribor, Nutrimix Complete ..."


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