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In order for you, our esteemed customers to make production without encountering problems and at a high profitability, we have produced the extruders, which can operate at a 7 days 24 hours basis, and which are productions of technology and experience. With an experience of 35 years, we have become one of the distinguished companies in the sector by constantly improving ourselves since the year 2002. We owe the said success to the performance tests, conducted before installation, rapid service network, our insistence on quality, our innovative works, our devotion to our work, and you, our esteemed customers. Having a Damla Plast machine, you will be sure of the fact that • The best pieces of the world, which have proven themselves, have been used for building up the machine. • The machine has been designed most properly for your production. • The machine has been subject to specific quality tests before reaching you. • You can make a rapid production. • A Damla Plast machine saves more energy when compared with its competitors. • You can make production constantly on a 7 days 24 hours basis. • We are at all times by your side with product development and innovations. • The after-sales technical service will reach you as soon as possible. • You can attain all the spare parts from the stores of our company without any problems.


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