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'DEHA ISI SİSTEMLERİ' established at the year of 2000 by a family company BOL -AY LTD. ŞTİ . It became leader of sector, followee, imitatee and lead brand in a short span of time. Our R&D engineering team takes each step based on scientific datas and moves forward by investigating the suitability of each design for comfort and economy. Added extra knowledge and experience with TUBITAK projects . The quality of our products has been discovered by European Countries and it has been demand in a short time. Our Company has aimed to protect own leadership and stay at the top which is the most difficult and the most succesful thing in the sector.. After extensive researches, DEHA engineers developed accurate room thermostad which controlls and fixes temperature of room. As diffrent from ordinary room thermostads, this invention controls the set temperature of boiler, instead of turning on and turning off boiler with a suitable prinicible of burning solid fuel. This system provides you to not to go to the boiler for adjusting set temperature of boiler to have a stable temperature in your room. Accurate temperature controll of room provides also less fuel consumption and maximum comfort. This property is provided as optionally for our Transposer-Reciprocating Series and Huge Fuel Series boilers.


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