"Our Company DEKSAN Machine Industry starts its production with Agricultural Trailer Turntables in 1976, and has continuing its production as DEKSAN HYDRAULIC MACHINE INDUSTRY and TRADE CO. By adding Agricultural trailer Hydraulic Telescopic Cylinders and Axles with and without brake in its productions since 1985. Our technical staff and R&D department staff following closely the developing technology and supported by TÜBITAK (The Scientific and Technological Research Council of Turkey) in 2006-2007 recognizing the Producing for the first time in Turkey of special perimeter profile projects with cold inflation method and seamless Trailer turntable (tourniquet). Our turntables which are produce in European standards eliminated the need for industrialists and farmers. At same time also exported to European and Asian countries. In 2012 our technical staff developed to provide a new Hydraulic system KOMPAS (Hydraulic Tipper) which provide great convenience and comfort for industrialists and farmers. This system Hydraulic Tipper (Kompas) which applied for the first time on Dump trailer, with single stage, short stroke, tilting angle of 55-60 degrees and lifting capacity of high tonne, is presented the first time in Turkey with DEKSAN Quality. DEKSAN who closely follow the latest innovations in technology has become a reliable and well known brand at every point in domestic and abroad Market. We are proud and honoured to service as a leading provider of technological innovations with an experience over 40 years to Industries and Farmers without compromising on quality and reliability. DEKSAN will be the most accurate and most reliable choice for your demands of a rapidly changing technology and will continue to be with you always. With the hope of being together in the Future..."


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