Demirel Kardesler

"Our company which started to produce fruit saplings in Ödemiş, İzmir in the 1970s, has been certified on different rootstocks, fertile, semi-dwarf and classic rootstocks suitable for different climatic requirements, and has been certified as Apple, Peach, Nectarin, Plum, Cherry, Pear, Apricot seedlings varieties and production based on satisfaction. We use our past experience and developing technology to offer the best product to the fruit producers. In addition, by moving in such a way as to increase the variety of seedlings, we help the fruit producers to find the most suitable type of seedlings to their climate. We import from the rootstocks imported from abroad as well as by selecting the best of our own production rootstocks and we are delivering them to the fruit producers. A lot of fruit, which is the motherland of domestic producers in Turkey as seedlings and saplings in the overseas market, we aim to have a high share."


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