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"about us Demsa Genetik Food, Agriculture, Livestock Industry and Trade Ltd. Sti. Was founded in 1999 by Safak Çevik. The main activity of our company is genetical improvement studies. For this, live animal in 12 different dairy and meat breeders from abroad, frozen bull sperm (Holstein, Brown Swiss, Jersey, Red Holstein, Montbeliard, Simmental, Manda, Belgian Blue, Charolais, Limousin, Hereford, Angus); lamb, goat and calf food; veterinary tools and equipment; artificial insemination materials; preparation machines for calves, goats and lambs; calf huts; pasteurization machine; importing tools and equipment used in feeding and animal health related products. Imports are from the United States, the Netherlands, France, Italy, Germany, the Czech Republic, Ireland and Belgium. Our company Breeders Association in Turkey, TIGEM Enterprises, which provides services to farms and private veterinarian. The purpose of our company is; milk and meat yield with high genetic values ??to ensure the formation of herds. Our ability to perform our duties in the best way is a key element of our success. Demsa Genetik 17 years of knowledge and experience with the industry's dynamic, hardworking and reliable company continues to be the choice of our business. Our service network all over Turkey, we offer our products, and our contact information for any questions or suggestions, please contact us."


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