Demsan Demirdögen Tarim Makinalari

"Company History The town is famous for its potato production in 1950 in Izmir Ödemiş DEMSAN work began making hand tools, was founded by Nurettin DEMİRDÖĞEN. Nurettin DEMİRDÖĞEN work and experiences between 1950 and 1968, with the first domestic Potato Harvesting Machine made ​​in Turkey. In 1969, just one year later, a team from the University of the Aegean through the test report after the tests were tough .. Agricultural Credit Cooperatives of Turkey by means of machines distributed all over the DEMSAN'ın fame spread all over the country. Development Process In 1990, the increasing demand of products DEMSAN us to move to our new factory of 600 square meters to 50 square meters, our workshop has pushed the former. In the 1990s, the total factory area of ​​2,800 square meters, including 2.000 square meters of expanded closed. Meanwhile, with heavy investments in manufacturing technology and capacity increased. Present Status ISO 9001:2008 Quality Management System and Quality Policy and supported by the product quality and the product has become a sought after brand in world markets. Factory 2.800 m2 production area today. Future The field of agricultural machinery in the world market, correct and accurate decisions, market, opening branches in countries and cities, appoint staff, learning first-hand the status of aftermarket products in the market by taking measures to ensure customer satisfaction, quality of products by the quality certification ISO 9001:2008 quality management system and broaden the horizons of the market , sought to become a brand in the world market by increasing our competitiveness is our goal."


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