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"Derya Irrigation Materials, established in 2005, has been continuing its activities with its expert staff at Izmir Yenişehir facilities today with a healthy growth rate by rapidly developing its organizational structure and production techniques.   Our company has become a pioneer and sought after company of PVC Pipe Fittings and Drip Irrigation Systems with its expert and experienced staff.   Manufactures PVC drinking water and Drip Irrigation pipe fittings in 3500 mt² closed area. Polyethylene and Corrugated Fittings have also started to produce Polyethylene Injection and Polyethylene Electrofusion Fittings according to ISO 9001 quality system certificate in compliance with Turkish Standards.   It has gained a respectable place in the sector with its superior quality understanding, continuous investments in technology and modern and dynamic structure. With its R & D studies, which have new production facilities, experienced staff, new technology investments with continuous technology, and new researches to meet the needs of the consumer, PVC Pipe Fittings sector continues to work among the leading companies in our country.   We are proud of the high quality in the after-sales customer service, while we are one of the leading brands in the sector with our production lines in the production lines where the latest production techniques are applied."


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