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"Doğuş Makina in 1985 RIZA AYTUNUR GUROL GULCAN VE HASAN SAATÇIOĞLU. Established by the agricultural resources and spare parts supply with high quality and appropriate conditions after sales services customer satisfaction in the forefront of the service. Approaching the 30th anniversary of our company, our quality service and continues to serve our customers with its experience. We have established with DOĞUŞ MAKINA and GLOBAL MAKİNA partners GÜMÜŞ MOTOR A.Ş. agricultural power systems and agricultural mechanization was established to manufacture and supply machinery. By purchasing the machine's production facilities and infrastructure It has started in Tekirdağ / Çerkezköy. manufactures motopomp and agricultural machines. GÜMOT GÜMÜŞ MOTOR offers its services to the users with its brand. Doğuş Machinery is supplying and distributing parts."


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Dogus Makina

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