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"""Tarsa Agricultural Industry and Trade Inc."" was established in Istanbul in 1987 and moved its headquarters in 2000 to Antalya, where the heart of agriculture still continues. In the same year, 50% partnership was started with SQM, one of the leading companies in the world. If serving on Agriculture different branches of six separate companies that are hosting on-site Doctor T Group, Turkey across more than 60 Agricultural Engineer and 270 more than staff, three production plants and storage facilities in three separate locations, Terra Tarsa LLC in Ukraine, the Netherlands Plantacote NV serves the agricultural sector with facilities. In 1987, it started its commercial life with the importation and marketing of “Peat atı which is one of the plant breeding group members. Dr. Tarsa is currently from peat to vermiculite, from conventional agricultural fertilizers in plant nutrition to special water-soluble fertilizers to leaf fertilizers and trace elements, from dosing pumps to automation systems, from flower seeds to vegetable seeds, from wheat seeds to forage crops, from crispy corn and potato production. With its more than 3000 product varieties, it continues to develop by serving Turkish agriculture and industry. NPK Fertilizer Production and Storage Facilities Dr. Tarsa; The plant, which started to be constructed in 2nd part of Antalya Organized Industrial Zone in 2004, started its NPK Fertilizer Production and Storage Facilities on a total area of ​​55.000 m2 with a closed area of ​​27.000 m2. When it operates as a single shift, it is possible to produce from 500 grams to 1000 kgs by using all kinds of packaging materials in 2 Antalya, 1 Holland and one in Holland, which has a production capacity of 70.000 tons per year. With this feature, the facilities address the different demands of the foreign markets as well as the domestic market. Aiming to increase its existing export capacity and to develop by means of this new investment, Tarsa has been exporting to 40 countries in a wide geography from South America to China. The aim of our company is to increase the number of countries to 80 by giving weight to foreign investments and to increase our sales by 3 times. Quality Assurance in Every Stage of Production In keeping with the quality, Doctor Tarsa established the fully equipped laboratory Doctolab in April 2005 to ensure quality assurance in every stage of production. In addition to quality control of all products produced and sold in accordance with the requirements of TSE / ISO EN 17025 Standard in its specialized staff and state-of-the-art laboratory, it also analyzes all kinds of soil, leaves and irrigation water necessary for farmers and producers to produce more consciously."


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