"Founded in 1997, Dönmaksan Machinery Industry Co. Ltd. Sti. has become a company with quality. Dönmaksan, which continues its activities in its 2250 m² factory in Büsan Private Organized Industrial Zone, is also producing in its branch in Aslım Sanayi Sitesi .; It manufactures trailer rollers, trailer swivels, special purpose hydraulic cylinders, double-acting hydraulic cylinders, trailer axle, trailer rim, trailer tires, water tanks, trailer spare parts and terminal equipment.    Being aware of the importance of R & D research for the follow-up of developing technology, Dönmaksan uses the latest technology in manufacturing.    Dönmaksan has become a trademark by obtaining trademark registration from Turkish Patent Institute. Quality is not the purpose, but the principle of our company, CE assurance, ISO and TSE quality assurance systems continue to work for.    Our company, which is exporting to Middle East and European countries, aims to be one of the indispensable brands of the sector abroad. It will continue to serve you by combining the experience of the past with today's technology. "


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