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"Who is DRTS? Drip Research Technology Solutions (DRTS) is an international industry leader providing drip irrigation and pipe extrusion machinery with over 35 years of experience in the field. We supply high quality machinery and standalone units comprised of top brand components. Our clients can be found worldwide from large global corporations to privately owned independent pipe manufacturers in emerging markets. What Services Does DRTS Provide? DRTS offers turnkey production lines for round, flat, thin-wall and thick-wall drip irrigation pipe as well as for PE, PVC, and PPR pipes. We also sell round and flat irrigation drippers and offer a range of heap leach mining services from detailed project planning to mining drippers and piping. DRTS takes care of installation and workforce training with continuous support and the latest technology to keep you competitive in today’s local and global markets. With DRTS you can become a completely independent manufacturer of drip irrigation pipe and PE, PVC and PPR piping. Why DRTS? DRTS has over 35 years of manufacturing experience in drip irrigation and PE – PVC – PPR pipe extrusion. We have installed machines and set up over 500 independently operating drip irrigation and pipe factories all over the world with some of the biggest names in the business as our clients. We offer high quality, high speed, rugged machinery with a focus on simplicity and ease of use suited for a small and simple workforce. Our machines are low maintenance and have been field tested to withstand industrial conditions. When you purchase from DRTS you are not only getting quality machinery, but the continued professional support from our team that is devoted to helping you succeed."


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