Dündarlar Makina San.

"Our company, which started its activities in 900 m2 closed area in 1995, has been growing rapidly in 2009 and it continues its production in 6500 m2 closed area and 6000 m2 open area in 12 500 m2 area. Since its inception, our company has been producing its products to European countries through intermediary companies. Since 2005, it has started to export directly to European countries. Our company, which prefers the countries of EUROPE as a target for cooperation, has begun to provide direct services to companies in Europe by opening a stand at MIDEST PARIS every year since 2005. Our company, which continues its production with reasonable price, high quality and timely production approach, doubled the number of customers in the crisis environment compared to 2008. Our company, which makes production with technological machines, continued to invest in 2009 and started to use robot in its production. In 1998, T.C. Awarded by the Prime Minister for product development. He was also awarded by Osmangazi University. Our company aims to grow with its new customers in 2010 with the slogan tedir Together forwards together """"."


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Dündarlar Makina San.

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